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There are many features in this program and I’m going to try to explain all of them. This is what the program looks like when you start it up.



Adding files

There are three main ways to add files. The first and most simple is to just drag and drop the files you want. The program supports video files and zip/rar files. If the file is not any of these types it will not be added. You can also add files by opening up the file menu. In the file menu you can either select Add Files or Add Folder as shown below.


When you open the file browser you can select files and they will be added to the program. You can change it so it also opens zip/rar files by changing the file type in the bottom right corner. There is also a folder browser. This will add all the file in the selected folder and its sub-folders. By default it will only add video files, in the setting panel you can change the setting so it will also open zip and rar files. If this setting is on it will take a lot longer for this process to finish. There is a picture of the browser below.


Editing your files

Once you files are added the program will automatically try to create a new name for it based on the Conversion Options selected. If you change an option it will reconvert the name to adapt to these changes. The Figure below shows this.


The Conversion Options dialog is under Tools->Conversion Options. All option update the main window in real time as you change them. Every time you change an option the program will convert the file name again to reflect this.


When the Remove Extra Carp checkbox is enabled the program will remove what I like to call “Junk Words”. The program has a library of words that it will automatically remove. If there are some words that are not in this library you can add them. Go to Tools->Add Junk words.


A menu will pop-up and in the text box you can type a junk word to add. Please note that the junk word has to be exactly the same as the one you would like to remove. Once you have typed in the word just click add. You can select words to remove from the list. When you close the display all the words you added will be saved to you hard drive, these mean next time you open the TV Show Renamer they will still be there.


Also in the Tools menu there is a Text Converter option. This option allows you to convert one word or abbreviation to another. It has the same options as the Junk Remover and the things you add are also saved.


Also in the Tools Menu there is an option called Add Title. This adds a title to a file name. It add the title right after the season number and episode number. Because of this if you do not have one of the season/episode options selected, a title will not be added. The title will be added to the selected video name. The photos below shows this.


The Last option in the Tools Menu is the Add Text To Beginning. This does what it says add and adds what every you enter to the beginning of the TV show name.


Once you have made all of your changes and you you are happy with the “pending file name” you then click the Save Name button and the filename will be changed on the hard drive.


Move and Coping

Under the Edit Dropdown you can copy or move the files to selected folders. By default it just have one menu option to select the output folder every time.


You can also setup custom location that will be saved. To add custom folders select Settings->Preferences. Then click Edit Move/Copy Folders.


The folder name is for you reference and the folder location is the folder path. Once you click Add Folder it will be added to the list below. Once in the list you can change the dropdown to select the output folder structure.


\root just moves all the video files into the selected path. \root\Show Name will use a subfolders with the same name as the TV show name to copy the files too. If it can’t find a similar folder name it will ask you to select one and remember the selection for next time.


\root\Show Name\Season # just creates season number folders inside the TV Show folder.


The Edit Button Lets you change the folder path and/or folder name. Remove Folder removes it from the list. The Move Up/Down button change the list order in the edit menu and the first folder in the list will be used by the Move to and Copy To buttons on the main window.



Other settings


Open Archives in Folder Browser checkbox will open zip and rar file when selecting folders with files in them. Edit Visible Columns will open a dialog to select what columns are visible in the main window. Most of these column are helpful to see if the program is finding the Show Name, Season #, Episode #, and Episode Title correctly.


In the Settings you can also change the main panel color and the font color. If you theme in windows is not the same as mine the background could be too dark or something so this gives you the ability to change it. The settings are saved so it stay the same every time you open the program.



You can also check for updates in the Tools Menu. There are two different updates that could pop-up. The first one is a full update and requires the program to be reinstalled. The second update is just a library update and only certain files are replaced.


If a full update happens it will pop-up asking where to download the installer too. I recommend you just put it on your desktop. Once it is done downloading the program will start the installer. When the installer is done TV Show Renamer should start back up.

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